Commercial and Industrial Lighting Program

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Cowlitz PUD's commercial and industrial lighting program offers rebates for new construction and retrofits that reduce the annual energy consumption of existing lighting systems by at least 25 percent. Restrictions apply.
  • Reduce current lighting bills by 25%+
  • Get a rebate of up to 70% of the total installed cost

Incentive Information

Cowlitz PUD offers rebates to improve inefficient lighting systems to help you save money and energy. Review our Commercial and Industrial Lighting brochure for more information.

For a link to currently available per-fixture incentives, click here. A simple agreement between the customer/business and Cowlitz PUD must be signed BEFORE starting on the project in order to qualify for available rebates. In addition, complete and include the lighting calculator which is required for each project agreement.

Customer’s account must be in good standing to qualify for a rebate. Cowlitz PUD reserves the right to withhold rebate funds and apply to past-due account balance.
Steps to Participate
For additional questions on the Lighting Rebate Program, contact Daniel Meyers at (360) 501-9561 or Energy Efficiency Services at 360-501-9514.


• Any Commercial or Industrial (non-residential) customer of Cowlitz PUD is eligible.

• Rebates are available for “new construction” lighting and for retrofits to existing lighting systems.

• Authorization and signing of an “Incentive/Implementation Agreement” by Cowlitz PUD and customer is required prior to installation of equipment.

• Program funds are offered on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Rebate amounts are subject to change over time.

• The rebate cannot exceed 70 percent of the total installed cost.

• For retrofits, the estimated annual energy consumption in the affected area must be reduced by at least 25 percent.

• For retrofits, customer shall ensure that all disconnected lighting materials, including PCB ballasts, are disposed of or recycled in accordance with current environmental laws.
Steps to Participate
Steps to Participate

1. Customer provides Cowlitz PUD with information needed to complete a proposed project:
• Name of business/building and complete address
• Owner’s name and telephone number
• Lessee’s name and telephone number
• Size of building and number of floors
• Building use (retail, office, industrial, etc.)
• Type of Heating System
• Additional information as needed
2. PUD assesses eligibility and technical appropriateness of application.
3. For retrofits, PUD schedules an audit of the existing business/building.
4. Audit is completed and findings reported to customer.
5. If customer wishes to proceed, an “Incentive/Implementation agreement” (Agreement) is executed between the customer and the PUD.
6. When project is completed (within the time allotted in the Agreement), the customer notifies the PUD and provides product cut sheets and invoices for both materials and labor.
7. After PUD inspects building, verifies completion in accordance with the Agreement, and gives final approval, the rebate incentive is processed and payment is made.

Energy Project Manager (EPM)

Energy Project Manager (EPM) logo
Cowlitz PUD is offering the EPM program for commercial and industrial customers. Call Energy Efficiency Services at 360-501-9514, or email Jen Langdon at for more details.

The EPM measure is responsible for a comprehensive site plan by a designated energy project manager. The goal is to achieve additional verified energy savings beyond what would have been achieved without the involvement of an energy project manager.

The EPM is responsible for:
  • Developing the comprehensive site plan
  • Prioritizing custom and strategic energy management (SEM) projects
  • Participating in bi-monthly meetings with the PUD and other project stakeholders to provide status updates for existing project phases and present new prospective project opportunities as they occur.
  • Developing and submitting project proposals to Cowlitz PUD for review and approval
  • Collecting data during the measurement and verification period
  • Tracking comprehensive plan status
  • Developing and submitting final EPM report to Cowlitz PUD

Incentive Information

An incentive of $0.025/kWh for custom projects, lighting, and SEM will be paid for approved and completed projects only.

At lease one project listed must not be categorized as lighting.

EPMs will be expected to attend at least 80% of scheduled meetings.

The max incentive cap for a two-year EPM engagement is $75,000 (with verified energy savings of 3,000,000 kWh).
Steps to Participate
The Energy Project Manager (EPM):

Provides project-specific, on-site support in the form of project identification, contributions to project proposals, data collection, measurement and verification support, and contribution to completion reports.

Is a designated individual who helps support development and implementation of the Comprehensive Site Plan.

Must obtain a minimum of 200,000 kWh of verified energy savings in order to participate in the EPM program.
Steps to Participate
1. Contact Jen Langdon with Cowlitz PUD Energy Efficiency Services (360-501-9392 or

2. Submit Comprehensive Site Plan, which includes: (a) holistic set of potential and planned custom, lighting, and all other energy saving opportunities and projects at the site; (b) site information (name, physical/mailing address); (c) EPM information (name, title, phone number, email ); (d) project information (name, number, estimated savings, incentive, project costs, completion date, description, and approach used to estimate project value).

3. Implement the energy saving projects and receive approval from Cowlitz PUD followed by BPA.

4. Submit Final EPM Report, which includes: (a) Cowlitz PUD and BPA approved projects (name, number, verified busbar savings, BPA approval date, description).

Strategic Energy Management (SEM)

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) logo
Utilize energy efficiency to improve your industrial customer’s business performance without the cost of major capital improvements. Energy efficiency is not always about installing new technology to upgrade facilities; energy management programs utilize improvements to processes and overall operations and maintenance to achieve energy savings.

SEM participants will learn about various low- and no-cost changes that can result in immediate energy savings. Verified SEM savings will be calculated following a measurement and verification period.

If your commercial or industrial facility is interested in participating in SEM, call Energy Efficiency Services at 360-501-9514, or email Jen Langdon at

The SEM measure requires:
  • Upper management support for time and resources to be dedicated to low- and no-cost energy efficiency measures
  • Staff participation for the duration of the SEM agreement (typically a two-year period)
  • Estimated baseline of annual energy consumption of the facility or key subsystems
  • Low- and no-cost measure implementation
  • Data tracking of energy consumption
  • Participation in training opportunities

Incentive Information

An incentive of $0.04/kWh for verified energy savings is available for executed SEM agreements.

Industrial Energy Efficiency

Industrial Energy Efficiency logo
Cowlitz PUD provides financial incentives to industrial customers for verified electric energy savings (non-lighting) achieved at their facilities. These electric savings can be accomplished through custom projects.

The industrial sector focuses on saving electric energy from fixed pieces of equipment, buildings, or complexes to produce, manufacture, or store goods in connection with, or as part of, any process or system.

If your facility is considering a custom project, please contact Jen Langdon at 360-501-9392 or email her at to start the process.

A formal project agreement between Cowlitz PUD and the facility must be in place prior to the placement of any purchase orders for energy efficiency equipment.

Incentive Information

Custom Projects
Incentive payments for custom projects are based on actual project costs and annual verified energy savings resulting from the project.

Verification is secured through a mutually agreed upon verification scheme to be submitted as part of the Project Proposal. The amount of the inventive payment shall be taken as the lesser of the two quantities given by the calculation methods below. Additionally, the two-tiered incentive is contingent upon meeting the project completion date identified in the Project Proposal form.

(a) Final verified annual Busbar kWh savings multiplied by the payment rate of :
$0.25 (up to first 500,000 kWh) + $0.15 (in excess of 500,000 kWh)

(b) 70% of the final verified incremental project costs.

(c) Original estimated incentive amount.

Customer’s account must be in good standing to qualify for a rebate. Cowlitz PUD reserves the right to withhold rebate funds and apply to past-due account balance.
Steps to Participate
• Any industrial customer of Cowlitz PUD is eligible.

• Only improvements/measures that save electrical energy are eligible. Energy savings must be measurable and
verifiable as determined by standard engineering practices.

• At the initial planning stages of a new custom project, please submit a project proposal form to the PUD.
In order to be eligible for an incentive, an agreement between the customer and Cowlitz PUD must be signed before placing a purchase order for equipment.

For additional information, please call 360-501-9514 or email
Steps to Participate
1. Identify project and contact Jen Langdon at (360) 501-9392 or email her at

2. Complete project proposal and submit to PUD.

Completed proposals are reviewed by the PUD and then BPA staff to determine if program requirements are met.

3. Upon BPA approval (typically within ten (10) business days of submittal), the Customer will be notified. The PUD will
then generate a corresponding project agreement (Agreement) and send it to the Customer after signature by
management. The Customer will have 30 days to sign and return the Agreement to the PUD. Energy efficiency projects
cannot be incented without a signed agreement.

4. After the project is complete, Customer notifies the PUD that the project is ready for inspection and verification by
PUD and/or BPA staff.

5. Customer prepares and submits to the PUD a project completion report which includes the verified energy savings (as
determined by the “Measurement & Verification Plan” specified in the original proposal) as well as supporting
documentation of claimed project costs.

Completion reports are reviewed by PUD and then BPA staff to determine if program requirements are met.

6. Upon BPA approval (typically within ten (10) business days of submittal), it is included in the next monthly PUD invoice
to BPA. Upon receipt of BPA conservation funds, PUD processes the invoice and mails a check to the Customer within
30 days.

Note: regardless of final verified kWh savings and project costs, the final incentive is capped at no more than the original estimated incentive in the project proposal.

Per-Unit (Prescriptive Energy Measures)

Cowlitz PUD offers two prescriptive measures targeting common industrial systems such as:
- Small compressed air systems
- Water-system leak abatement

Energy calculations are supported by a calculator that simplify energy savings and incentives.

For more details please call Energy Efficiency Services at 360-501-9514 or email Jen Langdon at
  • For a link to the Northwest Compressed Air Tool, click here.
  • For a link to the leak abatement tool, click here.

Green Motors Program

Green Motors Program logo
Electric motors require a lot of energy. While most projects reduce motor load by improving downstream efficiencies, savings can also result from motor upgrades and improved operational practices.

When a motor fails it can be rewound to a greater efficiency, rewound and maintained at the motors original efficiency, or replaced. While replacement results in the greatest efficiency, it also ensues in the greatest upfront cost.

Cowlitz PUD participates in the Green Motors Program where rebates are available for motor rewinds. For more information about how your motor might qualify, reach out to the 'Green Motors Practices Group'(GPMG). GPMG is a collection of specially-certified motor rewind and repair facilities who are audited on a regular basis and use standardized procedures which minimize efficiency losses and avoid potential damage to iron laminations when a motor is rewound.

Through their funding contract with BPA, GMPG-certified shops pass along an incentive of $1 per horsepower (HP) to end users for rewinds of each qualified motor. Qualified motors range from 1HP up to 5000HP.