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Solar systems are gaining popularity and as the market evolves, the price continues to become more affordable depending on the size of your system. With a PV (photovoltaic) system, PUD customers can generate their own clean, renewable energy.

Solar works best on south facing roofs, though east or west oriented low-slope roofs may be suitable as well. There should be little or no shading from trees, buildings, chimneys, or roof gables. Remember, locations with no shading in winter may be shaded by spring and summer foliage, and little trees will grow!

  • Solar equipment is exempt from property taxation.
  • Installing a solar system increases the value of your home without increasing your property taxes.
  • The environmental benefits of renewable energy are immediate and long-term.
  • Solar energy contributes to cleaner water and fresher air.
  • It encourages sustainable use of our natural resources for future generations.

Incentive Information

Cowlitz PUD does not offer any incentives for installing solar.

Going solar is a significant decision. As with any major purchase, get multiple bids for your solar system project. Many Americans will find the market highly competitive, with multiple solar companies competing for your business. Make sure you’re comparing apples with apples by closely reading the terms from different contractors.

Research your solar company. Before entering an agreement with a solar company, do your homework. Ask for proof of license, and check with your county or state to ensure the firm is in good standing. Check with the local Better Business Bureau and other consumer guides.
Incentive Information
Washington State Program Status:
Washington State Production Incentive Information

Learn more about Federal Tax Credits for Residential and Commercial solar installations:
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